Icon set for Freecad Linkstage

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Linkstage for Freecad has Icons theming support and I made 5 Icon themes with different colors. And currently planning to update it with more Icons. By buying it you motivate me to make more Icons and make this pack as complete as possible.

Currently supports almost all icons of PartDesign Sketcher and Techdraw. It also replaces some default icons.

I have also modded the ProDark theme to make it more compact and fixed some bugs. It saves quit a lot of screen-space. I called it the ExtremeProDark

These icon theme's will only work with the latest Daily build of Linkstage, you can download that release here!

The zip you get needs to be placed into your Freecad user directory

For windows this is:


Stylesheet goes into


It then can be enabled in the settings menu

Check the images below on how the coffee theme looks like, you can also see how far I am with the sketcher wb. Next release will hopefully have the constrains.

I want this!

I made a Iconset for Freecad Linkstage WIP

376 icons and counting!
Designed in Blender
Based on industry leaders icons.
Easy to understand if you come from Solidworks.


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Icon set for Freecad Linkstage

8 ratings
I want this!